5 Mind-Blowing Tips for Noisy upstairs neighbors stomping

It was not easy to stay in an apartment always especially on lockdown days. You are suddenly spending lots of time in your home or apartments, So what happens when “noisy upstairs neighbors stomping”.

If you are working from a home office or Zoom meeting begins its good but after stomping or starting loud music you can irritate.

If your upstairs room has a dance teacher or music band then your day will be irritated due to noisy sounds.

In earlier, I have never noticed any sound or noise from the upstairs but after lockdown, The neighbor stomping noisy will be most annoying and break my happiness of the day.

How to overcome the noisy upstairs neighbors stomping?

I will give the 10 best effective solutions to deal with the noisy stomping and also give 6 tips to revenge noisy upstairs neighbors stomping.

So to overcome the noisy upstairs neighbors stomping you have two ways

noisy upstairs neighbors stomping
noisy upstairs neighbors stomping with boot

How to annoy Upstairs neighbors legally?

The noisy sounds are the most irritating sounds that will keep our days bad, we may totally have big problems in the life or coming from office for a calm sleep but our upstairs neighbors will not help to overcome or to sleep calm.

So,” How to annoy the Upstairs neighbors legally” is the basic question that you may ask every time. That’s why I made this guide for legally doing this.

  1. Ceiling vibrator

The ceiling vibrator is the best device that can make high vibrations for the upstairs neighbors. 

The Ceiling vibrator was invented by the Chinese with a motor for vibration on your ceiling.

The vibration gadget will cost around $200 and it consists of a WiFi remote and motor. An extendable rod.

So use this vibrator to make noise for the neighbors and after that, they might know the problems faced by you.

  1. Knock on neighbors doors

If you want to make neighbors irritate then do this way, knock on their doors at the sleeping time or bedtimes such as very late night or early morning.

But don’t allow them to identify you while knocking on their doors at night. So make a mess with them and irritate them every time.

This may solve the problem of noisy Upstairs stomping within a month.

  1. Use a racquetball against your ceiling

It is one of the best methods similar to ceiling vibrator as I told in above. This method is cheaper and highly effective compared to the first one.

You should do this when the neighbor is inside their apartment and do it consistently for getting better results.

When the neighbor asks you to stop then, Tell that you have a competitive match for disturbing someone.

  1. Ask neighbors to keep the noise down

If your neighbors are making lots of noise, then try to talk with them to lower the noise.

The neighbors will not have any idea about how high was there noise, If you talk to them and neighbors are willing to keep the noise lower.

Then neighbor will shift their high boot shoes to slippers and the issues will be solved.

If you’re talking to neighbors calmly, then your problem will solver easily because they will get an idea of the problem that you’re facing.

  1. Involve other neighbors

If your upstairs neighbors are not willing to talk then you can contact other neighbors who have the same situations or problems from the same noisy neighbor.

 Ask them to talk and pressure them for finding good results.

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How to revenge the upstairs neighbors? (noisy upstairs neighbors revenge)

noisy upstairs neighbors stomping
noisy upstairs neighbors stomping

You have faced so many issues from the side of upstairs neighbors and they are not willing to stop this kind of activity, then you can take revenge on the neighbors.

As a person, you have suffered a lot of things such as sacrificing your work, sleep, and enjoyable times.

Now it’s time to take revenge and they will pay for it as you can do it easily.

  • The first thing is you can play music with large volume and buy barking dogs or watch movies at night with the surrounding system.
  • Play sports games inside the house such as football or basketball, so it may hurt the neighbor and they will beg you to stop.
  • You can use bubblegum or any ink, jelly on the neighbor’s doors, so when they open the door it will irritate them to clean.
  • Pain the neighbor’s door with any uncleanable paint.

Conclusion of Noisy upstairs neighbors stomping

 I have also faced these types of issues when I am was leaving in an apartment. So I have tried these types of tricks and tips for solving the problem and most of them helped me.

Use these methods at your risk and if you are caught then you will be busted.

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