Samsung top load washer problems spin cycle

Samsung is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of household appliances and in particular washing machines and dryers. While Samsung washing machines are mainly known for their innovative features and have been working efficiently for many years, there are always times when the washing machine does not perform as well as it should.“Samsung top load washer problems spin cycle”

If your Samsung washing machine has spin cycle issues, check for damaged mechanical, water, or wear parts. Other common problems can be caused by an excessive load of laundry or even a clogged drain pump. Be sure to follow all instructions in your washing machine manual and replace any defective parts.

Why Samsung Washing machine Won’t Spin

You might be annoyed to find that your Samsung washing machine is not spinning. And the idea of ​​calling a repairman is such a problem. However, sometimes it can just be a matter of figuring out why your Samsung washing machine is not spinning and immediately turning it back on.

There are several reasons why your Samsung washing machine does not spin. Two of these reasons could be due to debris blocking the washer sensors or an unbalanced load. Both will automatically stop the spin cycle. Clear any potential debris in the filter, or clear the load, debug, reload and try again.

Depending on your Samsung washing machine, open the filter containing the debris. The Samsung top load washing machine does not have this pump filter/drain filter. If your Samsung washing machine model has an emergency drain hose, remove it and remove the plug on the other end of the hose. Next, be sure to drain all the water inside the pipe into a basin. You may see the debris filter with lint or other debris.

Most  Samsung front-loading washing machines require constant maintenance to keep the dust filter clean and clear. Samsung recommends cleaning the dust filter about once a month or about 

0 washes to prevent clogging. You can use a toothbrush to thoroughly rinse any debris on the filter to make sure the filter is clean before putting it back into the washing machine.

You should clean monthly on a constant self-cleaning cycle to maintain your Samsung washing machine. Running this cycle will prevent mold and mildew and clean areas inside the washer where detergent and other residue can build up over time.

Sometimes your laundry becomes tangled and your Samsung washing machine is unbalanced. Try to unwrap your laundry, untangle it, and put it in the washing machine to try again.

If your Samsung top-loading washing machine gives the UE, UL, or dC error code, it means there is an issue with the “Unbalanced Load” and the washer drum unable to spin.

Why Samsung Machine Is Not Spinning” And Possible Solutions

SuspensionWorn Out

If your washer is shaking violently, it may be due to the load being too large, or if there is a problem with the suspension system.

This system holds the drum so it does not move while the machine is in use.

The problem with suspension springs is that they cannot absorb excessive vibration. This causes a washing machine drum to become unstable and may damage clothes.

Shock Absorbers (Front Loading Machine Only)

There are four shock absorbers that hold the plastic drum and compensate for all vibrations coming from the drum during the spin cycle.

Worn shock absorbers in washing machines can lower the quality of washing, and you may need to replace them.

It is easy to check if a laundry drum is worn out or not by pushing it down with your hand. When the drum is pushed down, it should settle at its initial position without bouncing up and down.

When a Samsung washing machine experiences a shaking during the spin cycle, it is due to worn shock absorbers. This will trigger the vibration sensor.

Faulty Door Lock (Samsung top load washer problems spin cycle)

Samsung top load washer problems spin cycle
Samsung top load washer problems spin cycle)

The Samsung washers have a door lock with a switch. The switch is inside the door lock, and it’s a tiny switch.

When the door is closed, this switch is closed as well, providing feedback to the control board.

When the door is closed and the switch on the control board is not physically closed,

the control board will see that something happened and will not let the washer go to the spin cycle.

When your washing machine is stuck in the spin cycle, it will keep spinning and spinning.

If you’ve ever heard this, you know it’s not normal! You’ll hear a loud squeaking noise. It may even make your washer bounce up and down on the floor when it spins.

Broken Plastic Bracket

The next one is the most common Samsung front-loading Washer VRT problem and what causes the washer to get stuck on the spin cycle.

If you have a Samsung front-loading washing machine, you might also come across a Samsung Washer that will not spin or get stuck on rinse and drain mode.

The bracket on the backside of the front-loading Samsung washer holds the harness to the drum.

When the belt gets loose or broken, it will trigger a vibration sensor causing the machine to jump from 6 min left to 19 min again.

If you don’t unload your washing machine, the drum will go through several cycles until finally stopping, but your clothes will still be soaking wet.

Drain Pump Failed

If the drain pump becomes clogged or jammed, it cannot drain all of the water from the washer.

This means that the clothes are not sufficiently cleaned and will still be wet when they come out of the washer.

Broken Plastic Bracket

The most common Samsung front-loading washer VRT problems are caused by not 

loading the washer correctly. If your washer is experiencing problems with washing, spinning, draining, or leaking, make sure to check for these symptoms before calling a repairman.

There is a bracket on the back of the front-loading Samsung washer that holds the harness to the drum.

When the lid is open or broken, it will trigger a vibration sensor causing the washing machine to jump from 6 minutes left to 19 minutes again. Or in other words, the washer will be stuck in a spin cycle.

It has been reported that when washing machines are overloaded, they seem to sometimes skip cycles and stop spinning even when there is still time left.

The spin cycle on your washing machine will continue to rotate for a long time before it stops, but your clothes will still be soaking wet.

Samsung top-load washer won’t start cycle

Samsung has the best washing machine in the market due to its user-friendly controls and energy-efficient technology. You can fix the Samsung top-load washer that won’t start the cycle.

To fix this issue, check the malfunction door lock, line fuse, logic board, clogged debris filter, and kinked hose.

Inspect the start button working or not

You need to inspect the start/stop button properly because the washing machine won’t work due to malfunctioning of the power button. So you need to inspect the power button and make sure that it works in good condition.

If the power button is not working, that can be due to two issues.

Jammed button: If you are pressing continuously on the power button then it can get jammed. So if you want to fix the jammed button issues on the washer. How to fix the jammed button on the washer.

To fix this issue, You can use the error codes such as E2, bE1 which are displayed on the control panel of the washer. Press the jammed button with power off symbols on it. This will help to fix the issues and make the washer run properly.

Due to child lock activated: If the washer display was showing the face of a child, then the child lock system was activated. So when the child lock is activated on the Samsung washer then you need to deactivate the child lock function and try to start the washing machine.

Are washer door lock working properly

In the Samsung washing machine, The system will begin the operation if the door is securely closed. If the door has any mechanical problem then the washer will not start working. The door lock can fail either electrically or mechanically so you need to inspect carefully for fixing the issue.

If the door has damage or leakage then you need to replace the washer door otherwise it can be due to electronic fail. The electronic fail can be due to defective switches of door lock so you need to replace the switch. you can check the working of the switch with a multimeter.

So it can’t find any problem with electronically and mechanically then you need to clean the door lock switch with rubber or cotton swab.

Inspect the Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse can get a blow if overheated, If the thermal fuse blows then your washer will not start. How to inspect the thermal fuse in your washer, You can inspect the thermal fuse is blown or not using the multimeter for continuity test.

While checking the thermal fuse is blown or not in the multimeter, you can see the multimeter is needle-moving or not. If the needle is not moving then your fuse is blown, So you need to replace the thermal fuse.

Replacing the thermal fuse is not an easy task for beginners, So you can call a professional mechanic for replacing the thermal fuse otherwise you can replace the thermal fuse at your risk.

Inspect the Line Fuse

In Samsung washer, they have provided line fuse and thermal fuse. So the above section has replaced the thermal fuse. The line fuse will blow when the circuit is overloaded. In most of the washers, the line fuse was located on the logic board. That can be accessible by opening the backside of the Samsung washing machine.

To inspect the line fuse is blown or not you can use the multimeter for checking the working of the line fuse. Test with a multimeter for continuity, If the line fuse has blown the needle in the multimeter will not move and you need to replace the line fuse.

Check the control panel working properly

If your washing machine not starting but the electrical outlet getting the power, then the problem will be the power cord. you can use a multimeter for testing the continuity and if need to replace or not.

You can also check the control panel of the washer and confirm the working of the washer properly. find the defective part of the washer and fix it properly without any damages.

Final words of Samsung top load washer problems spin cycle

The problem with the Samsung top load washer problems spin cycle has been solved and you can get an idea about the working functionality of the washer and need to replace some of the items if need.

Be careful while using the equipment and wear gloves and mask before opening the washing machine for repair and clean the washer with clothes also unplug the power plug from the electronic mainboard for avoiding the electrical shock.

You can also get the help of professional mechanicals for repairing the washer. If you have any other problems related to household products you can comment below.

I think you get an idea about solving the issues related to the top load washer problems.

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