Samsung washing machine error codes 4e (How to fix)

In your Samsung washing, you can see some errors such as the 4e error in the Samsung washer. So to fix Samsung washing machine error codes 4e this article may help your problem.

The Samsung washing machine 4E error may appear during starting and final time of rinsing of the laundry. You can identify the malfunction when you turn on the washing machine.

After starting the Samsung washing machine, you don’t hear the sound of the water set then your problem is Samsung washing machine error codes 4E.

samsung washing machine error codes 4e
Samsung washing machine error codes 4e

How Error Code and Indicators will Display

The 4E error code will indicate in the display of the Samsung washing machine. The main reason is the machine doesn’t gain water.

The washing machine without display informs the fault by activating all the light bulbs. The old Samsung model will display the E1 code on a screen.

How to fix the 4E Error in Samsung washers

You can easily fix the washing machine Error without contacting a repair shop. The 4E error can be caused externally such as the following reasons:

  • If you found a 4E error, you need to check the water supply is off or on. If the water supply is off then turn it on.
  • Make sure that the water tap is turned on.

If there are no interruptions with the water supply, Then the Samsung washing machine is showing a 4E error, What to do next?.

If you face the problem again, try to reboot the electronic unit. You can turn off the washing machine for a couple of minutes. So the glitch may disappear from the machine.

How to solve the 4E or NF error on washer

The best way to solve the problem of 4E or NF error on the Samsung washer. While using the tools for opening the valves you need to be careful. So let’s start the process for solving the 4E or NF error.

Step 1: Turn washing machine OFF

The first and main things you need to do before working technical, If you get any error of 4E  code then you must turn off the washing machine and you should Unplug the washing machine from main power for reason,  also to avoid any damage to the washing machine. 

The main reason for removing the power plug from the washing machine is because to avoid any form of injury, And the second English the new Samsung washing machines are coming with a lot of glitches that give an error code if there are no real problems washing machine.

The only way to solve the Glitch error off the washing machine shutdown or restart the washing machine.  give better results in a few minutes. this must be the first course of action that you need to provide when you get an error. 

The steps for the Glitch error don’t work then you can move to method 2. For doing the method you must need tools for repairing the washing machine in an easy way.

Step 2: Check water valves

After restarting the washing machine, again you detect the same 4E error. The only way to check the water supply valves of the washing machine. Before checking you need to unplug the AC wires from the washing machine.

Then you can start inspecting every corner of the washing machine for finding the correct solution for 4E error. Unplugging the wires doesn’t lead to any injuries or damage to the washing machine. 

The first part is that you need to inspect the water supply valves and if they are fully opened and provide the water for the washing machine with ample water.

If the water supply valves have any dirt or block then you must replace the water supply valves. Otherwise, cleaning the valve and checking the water supply is done without any leak.

Step 3: Water supply from both two ends

To inspect the water from two points that you can find behind the washing machine such as hot and cold water. These two valves are made for supplying water into the washing machine for both cold and hot water.

If you don’t want to supply hot or cold water but you still need to connect and supply water through both ends or entry points. you can do this method with a splitter split the water into two openings.

 the problem with Samsung washing machine error 4E  can be sold by this method the washing machine can detect water supply from both and entry points.

Step 4: Inspect for bent on the water supply pipes

In the fourth method, you need to find any bent on the pipes. If you push the washing machine to the wall, Then pipes can be bent or crimped. You need to inspect the water supply to the washing machine that was coming through both entry points.

Pull the washing machine from the wall and examine it, If you found any bent try to make it clean and check water supply was coming without any problems. 

If the water supply pipes are short and it can get bent, So buy long water supply pipes then it can’t get bent or crimped.

Step 5: Inspect the water Inlets

If you test all the above methods for solving the error 4E, But now also the error displays then you need to inspect the water inlets.

In your Samsung washing machine, you need to check the water inlets and if you found any obstruct. You need to suck it out from the inlets.

These are the methods for solving the issues related to Samsung washing machine error 4E.

samsung washing machine error codes 4e
samsung washing machine error codes 4e

Samsung top loader washing machine error codes

Some of the other problems may arise due to some other errors such as the following:

5E Error – basically the problems may arise due to draining issues.

To solve this draining issue try pressing the start button on the washing machine to reset, So it will be an easy way to drain the water.

3E Error – The problem with Motor tacho

Samsung washing will detect the speed of the motor and this error could be caused by the motor tacho fault or the circuit board (PCB) fault. So check the cables and screws in the washing machine and make secure the circuit board connections.

UE Error – The Problem with Unbalance Load

Samsung washing machine will prevent from reaching fast spin speed an unbalanced load. If the cloths reach the top, it may issue the washing machine spinning process. To prevent this kindly wash the clothes without overload.

There are some more errors but I basically find only these errors while I am washing.

How to fix minor issues of Samsung washing machine

The error may occur in a different problem such as a small object that can damage the washing machine. It can cause the 4E error on the display.

You can fix these types of problems yourself without calling a repair shop.

  • Try to find the filter of the washing machine that was located at the junction of the hose.
  • Turn the water supply off and unscrew the hose with mesh.
  • If you found any dirty on the filter, just clean it using citric acid.
  • Then fit the mesh and filter to washing machine and connect hose.

Final words of Samsung washing machine error codes 4e

In the above guide, I think my words helped you to solve the Samsung washing machine error code 4e.

Try to fix these issues after turning off the electric supply to the washing machine. It is to protect your body from electric shock or anything.

Use these guides to solve the basic problems that arise with the washing machines. Also if you want any quiet washing machine then go check it out: Samsung top load washer problems spin cycle


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